Who is the Psychedelic Peer Support Line for?

  • People who are tripping now

  • People who are providing support to others who are tripping

  • People who want to talk about past trips

Do I have to be having a “bad trip”?

No. Sometimes it’s just nice to connect with another human being, even if your trip is going just beautifully.

When is it okay to get in touch with us?

It’s always okay. Whether you’re having a good trip or a bad one, if you feel the desire to connect with a person who gets it, please reach out.

Is it really confidential?

Yes! We’ll never share your personal information with anyone, except when the law legally obligates us to do so.

Do I have to provide my name? Do I have to tell you what I’ve taken?

Nope! It’s all up to you. You can give us your real name, a made-up name, or no name at all. You don’t need to share any personal information if it makes you uncomfortable. But telling us what you’ve taken could help us provide better support.

Who are the people on the other end of the line?

We’re people who know what it’s like to have intense psychedelic experiences. If anyone can understand what you’re going through, it’s us. But, we’re not doctors or therapists, so we can’t provide medical advice.

What happens at the end of the conversation? Can we stay connected?

Yes, please! It takes time to process a psychedelic experience. At the end of your conversation, we’ll offer to contact you again in a week. We hope to support you during your journey of integration, whether that takes weeks, months, or even years.